Little Red

Softwares used: ZBrush, Maya, Photoshop, Procreate

Little Red takes “Little Red Riding Hood” but sets it in the modern world, 10 years after the story has concluded, and adapts a Japanese twist. Red is now a young adult and her grandmother has since died. One summer during the Japanese Obon Festival, Red travels to the forest to care for her grandmother’s grave. While performing the rituals, she encounters the ghost of the Big Bad Wolf, and realizes that there is more to the story than she knew.

Red is a proud, independent, and spontaneous college student. 

It’s time for お盆 (obon), the Japanese festival to gather with family and remember your ancestors. This year, however, Red’s parents are busy, so she must travel to her grandmother’s grave alone.

Contrary to popular belief, the Big Bad Wolf is actually female. She is gentle, kind, and spends her days lovingly watching over her grandchildren as a spirit. 

While Red cleans her grandmother’s grave, placing offerings, and finally performing the 迎え盆 (mukae-bon) ritual, she unknowingly summons the spirits of both her grandmother and Wolf.

Red’s lantern is used to perform the the 迎え盆 (mukae-bon) ritual. It is a way to connect living people to the spirit world.