I’m Wendy, a motion designer and illustrator!


[0:06] A Summer Dream [2] – design, illustration, 3D model, texture, animation, composite
[0:17] Northeastern University [1] – design, illustration, animation
Northeastern University [1] – animation
[0:27] City of Boston Animal Shelter [1] – design, illustration, animation
[0:31] Tiny Headed Kingdom [1] – animation
[0:35] Simon & Schuster [1] – animation
[0:42] Bare Tree Media [1] – design, 3D model, rig, texture, animation
[0:51] Northeastern University [1] – design, illustration, animation

Let's Work Together!

Storytelling comes in many shapes, sizes, and mediums. For me, I find my happy place in motion design, illustration, and comics. I love creating design-driven animations, especially those that evoke emotion and spark thoughtful dialogue. With every project, I strive to breathe life into characters and worlds that not only entertain but also inspire.

I have a BFA in Media Arts Animation from Northeastern University. When I’m not drawing, I like to crochet, read, and scrapbook. Feel free to reach out on Instagram or at [email protected].

Best Concept & Best Animation – Brightside Film Festival (2023)
Official Selection – San Diego Asian Film Festival (2023)
Official Selection – Northeastern Student Film Festival (2023)
Official Selection – North by Northeastern Film Festival (2024)

Areas of Expertise: motion design, character design, illustration, 3D modeling, 2D & 3D animation.